• 4 expert tips for putting right your face moisturizer!

    3 January 2016

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    According to the suggestions of Renee Rouleau, who is the aesthetic of celebrities, we dare to challenge you: how confident are you about using correctly your facial moisturizer? Read the right way to see if you feel equally guilty as we do!

    You take the cream, you put it in your face and fnish – even if your eyes are half-closed by drowsiness. However this on which you should pay attention and makes you have your eyes open : the technique is as important as the product you use. Here is what Renee Rouleau says!


    1. When you put what!

    “We put all the skin care products from the lightest to the heaviest,” Rouleau says . With this in mind, you should put facial moisturizer after washing, toning and serum (if it is used).

    But what about the different oils for the face? Generally, Rouleau says that oils should be spread after, not before the moisturizer. “The oils in their pure form have larger molecules, which do not allow as much absorption as a serum or moisturizer,” Rouleau says. “Rather, they act as insulation to ensure that anything you put on the bottom remains on the skin and does not evaporate.”


    1. The trick of hydration

    “Well, I already know them,” you will say. And yet – the following simple tip can change everything. Generally, if you’re the type of woman who staring … and you take your time steps of your face morning care is time to change your habit and you should put your facial moisturizer as quickly as possible after application of toning lotion.

    “The alcohol-free toning lotion is an important step in skincare. But to exploit this to the fullest it should be dried on your skin before you put your serum or moisturizer, “Rouleau says. Why; “Your skin cells are of like a fish – need water to live, so when your skin is damp with lotion before applying the moisturizer” locks “there all the moisturizers that both products offer you.”

    Rouleau says the tonic, the serum and moisturizing cream should be applied within 60 seconds after cleaning to prevent the evaporation of moisture. Even better, put your moisturizer in the bathroom full of steam after your shower. “Because winter air is too dry, it takes water from where they can find and this means that it takes from your skin in its most vulnerable after washing,”Rouleau says. “In the case of a hot, steam-filled room, evaporation is still happening but it will be a little slower so you have this extra time to use your products without having to worry about dehydration.”


    1. How do you spread the moisturizer?

    Rouleau says that many of her customers have clogged pores around their hairline and around their ears. If this happens to you too, may be due to the way that you stretch your moisturizer. “When you spread it apart from the center of your face, pushing outward, eventually the moisturizing is more on the perimeter of your face,” Rouleau says. “The layers can clog pores, while oiliness and acne will appear.” When stretching the cream make sure you apply the product evenly on your face and rub it well around the line of your hair. What is another common mistake? Skip and forget your neck. As says Rouleau, «not ruin a beautiful skin on the face with a dry and rough neck”.


    1. For more shine

    One last trick for glowing skin: make your face massage with your moisturizer. “The dull, tired skin is often caused by lack of proper blood supply to the skin,” Rouleau says  “Immediately after that stretch moisturizer at night, when the skin is very moist, close your hand to form a fist and use the knots of your fingers to do massage to your skin with small circular motions for two minutes.” She says this mini massage gently stimulates blood circulation and transports nutrients to skin cells – that is, what you need for smooth and radiant complexion.


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