• Hair Shampoo: The 2 key mistakes you DO!

    3 January 2016

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     In case you’re wondering why your hair is not as wonderful as you would like …

    Shampooing hair. How confident are you that you do it right? Because we know that you want to have fantastic hair, every day, we recorded two key mistakes that do regarding the washing hair.


    Mistake  1: bathe daily.

    How many times a week do you think should bathe your hair? Every day? Every second? According to experts, this is too often. “Some thin or brittle hair should avoid the very frequent use – with no more than twice a week maintaining the natural production of oil and a balance of hydration,”Andrea L. Hayden says, who is the director of the International Association of Trichology USA.

    And if you have wild curly hair, try shampooing every seven days. “The textures of these hair need more time to create a proper amount of natural oils, so you can establish shampooing once a week. If you want a refreshing hair / scalp in half, put only conditioner and rinse well. ”

    Hair shampoo2


    Mistake  2: The use of the same shampoo for years.

    As your skin becomes more sensitive and dry as you grow, the same happens to your hair, Hayden says . “If you’re over 50, your hair requires more care. As you get older, the hair lose protein, elasticity and density. Take care of them using shampoo without sulphate (sulfur), which are much softer and protect against breaking. ” And if your hair is prone to breakage, we recommend that you use once a month a protein treatment that replenishes lost proteins and increases the strength of hair.

    Tags: hair, shampoo, mistakes


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