• 5 Mistakes when buying perfume

    5 Mistakes when buying perfume. re-el fashion

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    Why is it important not to make these mistakes when buying perfume? Because only if you avoid them you can be sure that what perfume you choose you will like it, it will especially suit you when you wear it and it will be the same as that smelled in the store. Learn therefore the most common mistakes when buying perfume and be sure not to repeat these.

    You try a perfume but already you wear yours or a body milk or body oil

    Many women who go to try perfume already wear theirs, or other aromatic products inevitably mixed with what they want to try. Even if you accidentally gets into a store and try a scent you like, while already wearing your own, prefer not to buy it at that moment. Go and try it the next day, without wearing anything scented in order to be able to decide if this perfume is right for you.

    You try over 4 perfumes in a day

    If you are not a perfumer or oinognostria, your nose is trained to stand too many scents and will definitely get tired after the 3rd or 4th perfume, so it is pointless to try more. The same applies to perfumes that will be given to you to smell in a blotter (piece of paper).

    You touch the bottle in your nose

    Suppose that you decide not to wear perfume and ask the seller to let you smell it from the bottle … You should know that if the spray touches in your nose, everything smell from that moment onwards, will perceive corrupted if you passing through the “filter” for the particular smell.

    You buy a perfume that you smelled it to another person

    One mistake that many women do, and they end up wearing perfumes on them at all seductive smell -and soured jam you say … The fragrance excited to a friend of yours is not the scent itself, but its association with skin and her personal scent. It is most likely not have the same performance on you, so you should try it before you decide whether to take it or not.

    You buy it immediately after you try it

    Many times, you buy perfume because you feel excited with it, but then it was not such an interesting perfume and as like this you wanted. So, before you go to the cashier, asked to try it, come out of the store, go and do all the other chores and your shopping and if still you like the way it smells and how it has evolved olfactory, go to buy at the end of the day.

    And an advice …
    Before you go to the shops to buy scent do a little market research, through magazines, sites, blogs, and people trust their opinion. Make a list of smells you’d like to try, whilst excluding those that know how difficult would you like them: if you are a girl of possible orientals, you have no reason to try a fresh citrus. If you are confident of the fragrance you want see whether you can find it here on offer …

    Tags: perfume, fragrance, buy

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