• Do you want natural summer makeup? Do it easily!

    Do you want natural summer makeup.. Do it easily. re-el fashion

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    When we talk about natural summer makeup we mean radiant skin, ruby ​​cheeks and juicy lips. The natural look makeup in summer, although it is not difficult to achieve, it is not so simple as it looks. Unless you know the secrets. We disclose them showing you how to have natural makeup with 5 movements.

    Step 1

    Your face should be clean!

    To attain a natural look is not as difficult as you imagine. Basically what you need is spotless skin and the way to achieve it is simple: never skip the daily care. What you ought to do is thorough cleaning and moisturizing morning and evening, exfoliate once a week, to increase blood circulation, and definitely use sunscreen. Finally, a mask for deep cleaning will transform and refresh your skin in an instant.

    Step 2
    Coverage properly!

    In the natural summer makeup the foundation and your powder will be put on the back burner … or you will not focus on them at all. However, if your skin has some unevenness that you want to cover, use a base for makeup that is lighter, thin texture. For even more natural look, make a fresh sponge movements on your face to absorb the above amount and stay your skin radiant and not greasy. If your requirements are more specific, for example, you have pimples or broken pots, forget the base and choose a product that will soothe redness and unevenness. Then use a cotton swab to spread out a little concealer to … weaknesses. Do not use your fingers, because the concealer will spread more than you want, thereby accentuate flaws instead of covers. Finally, a transparent powder would erase dark circles and eliminate signs of fatigue, leaving a discreet shine and a matt finish. If, indeed, the passage of the whole person, will stabilize your makeup for several hours.

    Step 3
    Underline your eyes

    To date, for sexy look, you used to highlight your eyes. Now, it’s time to change technique, that is, to let the shadows in your vanity and accentuate your brows correcting their shape with a pencil a ton lighter than their natural color. If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, then the eyebrows are the frame, so you understand their significance. Then focus on your lashes. If the darkening will accentuate your eyes without you look very polished. Choose even a metal pen in any color you want, except black and cross the upper eyelid as close as you can to your lashes. Finally, summer natural makeup with a sponge efface the color upwards. Choose a black mascara for volume and length and spend only on the upper eyelid to accentuate your features, without overdoing it. To complete your makeup, put a pale pink shadow or a highlighter just below your eyebrows.

    Step 4
    Emphasize the cheeks

    The ruby ​​cheeks and the transparent skin is a result of your lifestyle. The health aspect, which both want to acquisitions, is not superficial, but built from the inside out. However, with a little self-tanner and a little blush you can fool the eye. If you mix a drop of self-tanner with your moisturizer will acquire golden color in an instant without a trace of makeup. With a blush acquisitions and ruby ​​cheeks. Choose best creamy blush for greater shine and easier application. With the tips of your fingers get a little and start the cheeks to reach the temples using a circular motion. As for the color, choose one that is close to your natural color. If your skin is oily, unfortunately you can not use a cream blush. You, however, can do another trick. To achieve a natural summer makeup stretch out your usual blush your cheeks with a damp makeup sponge. If necessary, use and your fingers. This will give you the shiny effects that the creamy blush creates without the unwanted shine.

    Step 5
    Create sexy lips

    Choose the right shade, ie, only one tone darker than the natural thy lip which will emphasize their shape naturally and perfectly tie with your colors. For a scruffy look carefully, reach out to the tips of your fingers. Never use lip pencil to outline. If you want to increase their volume, put a very pale, pearly pencil only by means of the upper and lower lip. The iridescence will create a rich effect and will fool the eye. Finally, for a natural summer makeup a lip gloss is necessary to give shine to your lips.

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