• Find the right bag for your body!

    Find the right bag for your body! re-el fashion

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    There is the right bag for your body and not only one. But there are many that are totally unsuitable for you. Time to put an end to the longer lengths and sizes that do not flatter you!

    You know that a handbag can show your waistline, as choosing the right jeans? Apply these easy tips to find the right bag for your body, the one that fits your proportions and will not only hide your weight, but also it will add to you chic style in no time!

    Before you buy the right bag for your body

    Take your time to the store to try several bags in front of a mirror just like you would with a piece of clothing.
    Do not succumb to the temptation to buy a trendy shape that does not fit in your figure: there are many alternatives that can show off your body.
    When shopping bags take into account your lifestyle, eg. If you carry baby diapers and edible, then rather an artistic vintage bag will not cope.

    What size is the right bag for your body?

    Are you wondering if the correct size bag will make you look slimmer? Not exactly, but you can flatter your silhouette. Contrary to the shape of the bag, which should be the opposite of body type for maximum effect, its size should be proportional to the dimensions of the body.

    Think simply that a woman who is tall to hold a tiny purse hand, why this bag would not highlighted her at all. Similarly, a puny body type will be lost behind a huge bag-bag.

    Remember that the length of the shoulder bag (where the finish of the bag touches your body) emphasizes any part of the body is near.

    For example, if you finish near the hips, will underline the width of the region, since the bag is the element that catches the eye.

    Most women show great holding a bag that arrives in the middle of the trunk, because it flatters their waist. Instead, the bags worn diagonally (crosswise) are not suitable for women with more kilos because the strap just erases their waist bodice.

    Learn the types and shapes of handbags for you to know which one suits you …

    To find the right bag for your body must first learn the shapes

    If you want to sculpt your body type, choose a shape that is the opposite of your silhouette.
    For example, if you are very tall and thin, wear a loose, round bag-bag to add some curves in total.
    If, again, you are short and juicy, play with contrasts by choosing a tall, rectangular bag or a long, flat bag as clutch.
    In general, the rounder is your silhouette more structured should be the shape of the bag. This does not mean you have to lug around a toolbox to balance your feminine figure, because you can achieve the desired result of selecting rectangular or square designs from soft leather or fabric. For example, a petite figure filled curves (like Kim Kardashian) shows a pin holding a rectangular clutch bag.

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