• 8 fashion tips that people with great style follow!

    8 fashion tips that people with great style follow. re-el fashion

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    If you have your own unique style and you are not afraid to experiment with many different looks, then you belong to the category of the well-dressed of your friends or in your office.

    If however, you want a small help to become even better not only on weekdays, but also on your formal appearances, then you just have to  follow eight easy and smart fashion tips, that all people with unique style have tried.

    1. They invest in clothes with quality 
    They try to choose pieces that combine style, quality and affordable prices, but they never say no to a good pair of shoes or a coat, that wear for years.

    2. They have the look, which is their hallmark
    Someone loves leather jackets and uses them in almost in all the looks. Someone else got weakness in white sportswear and oversized sweaters. Maybe it’s time to find your own look, which will become your trademark.

    3. They “break” conservative fashion rules
    They do not afraid to mix denim shirt with jeans, just trying to make a difference with adding accessories  to their look. The same applies to color or some other rules applicable to the fabrics.

    4. They do not afraid to mix many different colors and prints
    Sometimes they mix and match looks that are more interesting than a total black ensemble.

    5. They succeed in many different combinations
    They know how to create the most stylish sets different few pieces at their wardrobe.

    6. They give great importance to accessories
    They choose each time the accessories that will highlight all of them and take care not to use only those they come across.

    7. They choose pieces that flatter their figure
    They will not buy a pair of pants in a size smaller in order to lose weight and wear it after. Instead of this they prefer clothes that emphasize their strengths and beauty.

    8. They like to make up with the most unique outfits and accessories
    They never say no to girly accessories or a colorful coat, simply because it is special. Instead, they try to adapt them to their style.

    Tags: fashion rules, style, accessories

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