• Guilty pleasures: 10 things that all the fashion addicts make secretly

    Guilty pleasures_ 10 things that all the fashion addicts make secretly. re-el fashion

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    Recently I read an article in which the author said some hidden habits that are very stylish people. So I will not talk about what makes the stylish people, but those who have a passion for fashion and their personal style, whatever it is and very often are shopaholics. Commonly I will mention all that secretly make me and my friends and not reveal too often not even to each other.

    1. Taste countless clothes in front of the mirror. Yes, I will not hide it anymore, when I have nothing to do in my house, and when I’m not so tired instead of just sitting in bed with a book or a magazine, I organize a catwalk in which I participate just me. I wear clothes and accessories, make various combinations and walk in front of the mirror trying to decide what suits me and what does not.

    2. We have a folder on computer and mobile photos from sets that are inspiring. When we see something we like, whether it is from the catwalk or streetstyle, simply we store and save it. Try it, you may at the right moment to be more useful than you could imagine.

    3. In all e-shops there is a basket with many many products that might not ever be purchased. I personally have almost 10000 dollars in potential markets in high street fashion websites and almost 50000 dollars improbable markets luxury e-shops. Do not ask what it serves, I have not found it yet because I do, but I know that there are many others who do that, perhaps because they do not want to accept our economic weakness to shop endlessly and spend astronomical sums.

    4. We send photos to our friends with our outfits. It has nothing to do with age, we are a little crazy and not ashamed to say it and because if we send to our partner a photo and ask him if our skirt makes us fat or if the print of the top matches that of the trousers it’s more likely he will not even answer us, but our friends are always there to help us. Come on, admit it, you have take sure even a single photo of a tester room.

    5. We lied at work because we delayed. I do not know what excuse everyone says, but certainly all of us have said at least once because we just can not find what to wear and necessarily spent about two hours turning the home into a war zone. Eventually of course we went to work with a jeans and a t-shirt.

    6. We have at least one outfit even with the label. Up to a buying panic we got something that really is not needed (but not at all) and that perhaps could not leave us very fit. We were slow to admit that it eventually stayed in the closet.

    7. We have a secret shopping list of things we need and we swear every season that will bypass whatever happens. Of course this shopping list grows then of course we do not stop ever this and forget every time we see a new piece of clothing or accessory that we like, physically and telling lies to others that our new acquisition was in this list and was very helpful. This is how the world is left without money.

    8. We have stayed with few dollars in our wallets because we bought something that our budget couldn’t support. We didn’t confess to anybody our purchase for the remainder of the month and make up countless excuses to deny suggestions for outings just because we had no money to follow.

    9. We prefer to go shopping instead of any entertainment. No additional comments.

    10. Do not admit anything of the above, but it’s all true.

    Tags: clothes, accessories, mirror

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