• Tips on high heels by Christian Louboutin

    Tips on high heels by Christian Louboutin. re-el fashion

    The high heels are pleasure with pain. I would not consider it as a compliment if someone was looking at one of my shoes and said” Oh, that shows comfortable. “Of course, there is a heel that is too tall to be walked. But who cares? There is no need to walk in high heels, “Christian Louboutin said.

    Certainly the solution proposed by our beloved designer shoes for high heels are not the best for women with regular daily obligations. But no way to wear our heels as often as you want without problems enough to follow a few simple rules.

    1. Shop your shoes always in the afternoon. It is not recommended to try shoes in the morning when the legs are rested and no swollen.

    2. Do not wear heels higher than 8 points for long periods. Otherwise at least try to stay seated as much as possible -according to Louboutin.

    3. Regularly check your size. Yes, then, as strange as it may sound, the number of our shoe can change during our life more than once and to increase especially after each birth.

    4. Avoid the very tall and very thin heels or sandals with straps “cut” away. Besides the fact that these sandals with straps are responsible for the worst pains that can cause shoe, very fine heels when worn regularly implicated in permanent damage and problems in the heel, calf, thigh and lower back.

    5. Wear platforms. Changing type heeled and selecting more comfortable models, such as platforms and gain better support with more stability.

    6. Give the shoes that beat you, even today. They rubbed the heel, toes or pushing is generally narrow. Besides painful blisters -which can result in serious health problems-, narrow and unsuitable shoes can deform the foot (causing bunions, swollen hock etc.) and problems with nails.

    7. Prefer shoes made with leather. The leather is shown to be the best material for our feet especially when the heel is high as not only allows the foot to breathe but also it tends to “open” and it takes the form of the foot.

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