• Kendall & Gigi exchanged hair color! The glamorous show of Balmain house (Photos)

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    Best friends, favorite and very famous, the two young beauties see their “stocks” to rise sharply in the global fashion stock. They thought, obviously, that a change … it does not hurt. Very big change though.

    Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid: Two of the most “hot” names in the field of modeling and wider showbiz this time. The two friends are sought after in all the shows and photo shoots while not missing from any secular party.
    In the latest show of Balmain house where both appeared, impressed by the huge shift in their wool. Literally swapped color. Now … how permanent is this, we will see …

    Kendall golden and Gigi with dark hair. What do you think??

    At the show of the house Balmain not only Kendall was blonde and Gigi brunette but also the catwalk was filled with sexy appearances!

    “Smile Kendall”, said a photographer behind the scenes of the house Balmain show, talking to a tall and weak girl with long brown hair. Oops! This was not the Kendall Jenner but Gigi Hadid! The creative director of the house, Olivier Rousteing, had the idea to wear wigs in almost all the models would walk the catwalk and the inspiration came, naturally, from an appearance of glued his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. The reality star had appeared with platinum blond hair on the show for the Fall of 2015, and the recent demonstration of her husband, Kanye West, for the Yeezy brand.

    As for what we saw on the catwalk?

    Grey ice, pastel pink and beige shades have replaced the vibrant colors previously selected by the designer and sexy clothes collection were all designed to flatter women’s curves – corsets and belts have been a key element in almost every look.

    Karlie Kloss on the catwalk

    Liked the collection to the public? The Vogue says he did not see and the best reactions, but the label sales are constantly going from good to better, so the Olivier Rousteing something must be done correctly.

    Tags: hair color, catwalk



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