• The most chic sunglasses in the new collection of Max Mara!

    The most chic sunglasses in the new collection of Max Mara. RE-EL FASHION

    Tags: sunglasses, elegance, chic, Max Mara

    Max Mara presents the new eye wear collection Spring / Summer 2016 with modern and sophisticated sunglasses and eyeglasses. The exceptional architectural shapes, the discreet color combinations and unique details define new eye wear proposals, which are devoted to stylish and confident woman.


    STYLE: Sunglasses MM NEEDLE I I

    These elegant feminine sunglasses feature frames of metal acetates and subtly combined in elegant proportions.
    The linear design of these retro shapes presented by the modern design of «Max Mara», exuding a contemporary feel and a harmonious blend of materials.

    The sartorial heritage of Max Mara is reflected in the elegant shape “needle” arm, a link with the virtual seam of the coat of the brand, while the discreet golden details “PRISM” are the distinctive element of both the front and at the ends of the arm.
    The color palette includes sophisticated shades: The MM NEEDLE I is available in black / gold with gray lenses, tortoiseshell / gold with dark gray lenses, white / gold with gray lenses, light blue / gold with gray lenses, dark routenioum / dark blue dark gray lenses.


    STYLE: Sunglasses MM PRISM 1

    Inspired by the sculpture these female sunglasses have bold plans to form “cat’s eye”, reflecting the elegance of the Fashion House. The architectural volumes reveal the virtuoso carvings and faceted surfaces, recalling the subtle detail «PRISM» collection of Max Mara glasses.

    The color palette emphasizes the subtle contrasts of transparent and its tortoiseshell shades, with subtle translucent effect: black celluloid with gray gradient lenses, brown celluloid with gradient lenses coffee, red tortoiseshell / burgundy with dark gray lenses, purple tortoiseshell / blue gradient brown lenses.

    Tags: sunglasses, elegance, chic, Max Mara




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