5 Makeup mistakes that make you look older..

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The makeup can add or remove years from your face.

As the time passes inevitably leaves its marks and if we don’t treat to our face with care and if we use makeup with a way that it doesn’t flatter and highlight us, then these signs will show even more pronounced as time passes. There are tragic mistakes in makeup which “cost” our youth.

Dark lipstick: Over time, the lip contour loses its intensity and the elasticity of the lips is reduced. A dark shade of lipstick makes lips look smaller. A lipstick in earth tones or a lip gloss gives volume and makes lips look more youthful.

Wrong tint blush: Blush gives freshness to the face. If a woman chooses dark color which does not match our skin, it can add years to the face. Brighten your cheeks with a brighter blush. If you prefer creamy blush, apply a small quantity in your fingers and make circular movements on your cheekbones.

Very thin eyebrows: As the years pass, it is more difficult our eyebrows to be “filled”. The more often we use tweezers the more we age our face.

Wrong color foundation: Not only the amount of make up that we use is important but also the hue. If the color is lighter than ours, then the result seems disappointing and “fake”, as a mask.

Color shades: add years and the aesthetic result most often is not the desired one. Choose more neutral tones if you are in an older age.

Tags: age, makeup, mistakes, foundation, blush, beauty, fashion, fashion style, women clothing, fashion for men






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