6 Daily Habits that Make You Age Faster


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The life clock is running without asking us. Time passes and leaves its mark.

The good quality of life can stop its mad pass but the rhythms of everyday life do not help us towards that target. Stress, pressure, daily liabilities, demands, rush, sadness: the “constants” of modern life. There are habits that have included in your everyday life that are harmful. But you do not see it, or rather do not want to see it. Six of them follow below. Even if you can’t stop them, try at least to limit them.

1) Bad sleep quality: A filling sleep fortifies our body and improves the quality of our lives. If not enough sleep or be late to sleep, your body will gradually begin to not work properly. Good sleep is a parameter for a healthy, productive, enjoyable life. On the other side, poor quality of sleep increases your weight and the chances of cardiovascular problems.

2) Sedentary: The lack of exercise can be destructive to the mind, our vital organs, and lungs. Your metabolism starts inactivated and you constantly feel drowsiness and not so good mood. The skin is not breathing and the cells are not refreshed.

3) Bad fats: The body needs fat and is one of the main energy sources. They assist in the absorption of certain vitamins and nutrients. The bad fat – but saturated and trans enhance the chance of developing heart disease – raising two of the main risk factors, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. A diet low in vitamins, fiber, minerals and trace elements does not give you energy and do not revitalize your body. Salt and sugar are your great enemies.

4) Stress: There are two types of anxiety: the creative and the negative. Creative Stress gives you incentive to be productive, raise your adrenaline. However the Negative Stress, is one of the main causes of headaches and brings premature aging on your skin.

5) Not drinking enough water: The fast pace of everyday life makes you skip the drug of your body, the water. Water regulates the digestive system and strengthens your immune system. It helps in weight loss and moisturizes your skin giving shine. So if it is not present in your everyday life sufficiently come opposite results.

6) Addiction: Addiction like to cigarette, to alcohol, to drugs. According to a study published in Chemical Research in Toxicology, a cigarette takes just 15 minutes to cause harm to your DNA. People who drink alcohol in larger quantities are 3 times more likely mortality compared to those who do not drink.

Tags: drinking, sleep, Stress, life, Age, Habits, beauty, fashion, fashion style, women, dry, fashion for men




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