5 Makeup mistakes that make you look older..

The makeup can add or remove years from your face. As the time passes inevitably leaves its marks and if we don’t….read more



Irina Shayk: Her beauty secrets for face and body!

irina-shayk-her-beauty-secrets-for-face-and-body-re-el-fashionThe Russian women are considered anyway of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world. But when we talk….read more



The best spa at home for tired legs!

the-best-spa-at-home-for-tired-legs-re-elfashionWhen you come back from work at home and you feel your legs more tired than you really are, there is a solution for this!….read more



Multimasking: The trend that will transform your face!

multimasking-the-trend-that-will-transform-your-face-re-el-fashionAutumn: Time for renewal at all levels! In terms of mood, appearance and skin care. Among all the cosmetic….read more



7 ways to get rid of cellulite

7-ways-to-get-rid-of-cellulite-re-elfashionFor the last thing you want to worry when wearing your swimsuit is cellulite… more



Bye oily skin! This mask is what you need!

bye-oily-skin-this-mask-is-what-you-need-re-el-fashionIf oily skin tired you during the whole summer and you want to finally get rid of this problem once there is….read more



Nail contouring for longer nails at once

nail-contouring-for-longer-nails-at-once-re-el-fashionWe know the magical world of shadings. Better still we have used this technique to sculpt the cheeks, cheekbones….read more



Amazing tip for dry lips so you put on your lipstick with comfort!

amazing-tip-for-dry-lips-so-you-put-on-your-lipstick-with-comfort-re-elfashionThere is nothing sexier than red lipstick in a woman. However, the result may be disappointing, as with any lipstick,….read more



Parting in the middle or on the side? Find what suits your face!

jennifer-lawrence-blonde-hair-re-elfashionIs the parting on the side suit me? Is there any “magic” point where I can make the parting and my face shows thinner?… more




The 5 biggest mistakes you do with your nails!

nailsDo you think that with your hands you can do everything … and you do well!However then, you should not wonder … more



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