Dry your Hair in 5 minutes, clever trick!(Video)


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You are busy from morning till night with appointments for work or with your friends and try to have always a good appearance.

However, when an appointment must be made after shampooing your hair, it is difficult and impossible to arrive on time, if you haven’t started to dry your hair before at least an hour.

We suggest you four smart tricks that will accelerate the above process and allow you to spend more time in your bed hugging a pillow, rather with the hairdryer!


The conditioner is definitely a product you never forget because it moisturizes your hair. But do you know that it contributes to quick drying? Just use a wide comb before rinse your hair and see the difference!


The most common mistake women make is to rub their hair with the towel in order to remove as much as possible moisture. However, if you replace it with a cotton towel which is able to absorb water, you just need to wrap your hair with this.


If you ask an expert what is the advice to dry hair faster he/she will answer that the right way is the one that first leads to the rest of the care and makeup. What exactly do we mean? Let hair freely in natural air and use your time by hydrating your face and applying makeup and other beauty products. It is a way to save time, without feeling it.

Make plopping

You may not have read again this technique, however, it helps the hair to retain its form especially when your hair is curly or wavy. The only thing you will need is a leave on conditioner and a shirt with long sleeves.

Watch the following Video to see what plopping is

Tags: plopping, hair, shampoo, make up, beauty, fashion, fashion style, women, dry, fashion for men




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