Homemade hair oil for super protection and shine


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To protect your hair from the saltiness and dehydration there is no need to spend a lot for buying expensive hair oils. You can make your own at home!

The truth is that our hair now needs extra protection in the summer after it is exposed to the sun, dive in sea salt, and often catch up or in braids and discomfort. A good hair oil is essential to your summer beauty case.

See how to fix it by yourself:

First, you need an empty spray bottle.

If you have dry hair:

Mix 50 ml jojoba oil, 8 drops of lavender essential oil, 6 drops of geranium essential oil, 4 drops of rose essential oil and 5 drops of essential sandalwood oil.

If you have colored hair:

Mix 50 ml avocado oil, 8 drops of essential ilang-ilang oil, 6 drops of lavender essential oil and 10 drops of rose essential oil.

How you should apply the homemade hair oil:

  1. Before going at beach, well spray your hair and you can also wear a stylish scarf to wrap your head, if you like.
  2. In the bathroom, spray your wet hair, wrap your hair with a towel and let the oil sit for about half an hour. After you have to rinse thoroughly.
  3. You may apply a small quantity only at the tips of your dry hair to protect it from split ends.


Tags: shine, hair, oil, life, beauty, fashion, fashion style, women, dry, fashion for men



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