Make up Tips: The secrets you should know about the perfect makeup for lips!


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You want perfect, full lips but you may do not know how to cover small flaws with your makeup?

The lips are the most captivating part of our face but the area around it is quite sensitive … Hide all imperfections and highlight your juicy lips in the best possible way, by following the secrets of the make-up artists!

On what you should pay attention:

Tip # 1: While spreading foundation cream on your face, apply a small amount of foundation cream also on your lips for a radiant effect and extra length in your makeup.

Tip # 2: The use of the pencil on your lips will give volume to your lips and eliminate the minor imperfections around them.

Tip # 3: Be sure to use a lip pencil correctly! Draw line on the natural contour of your lips and not above it.

Tip # 4: In order to avoid emphasizing the imperfections around the lips, even if you want to use a light lipstick make sure you select a pencil close to your skin tone.

Tip # 5: For a shining result to your whole makeup after using the lipstick of your choice put a small amount of a transparent lip gloss in the middle of the upper and lower lips. So not only you will create a natural glow, but also you will make your lips look fleshier than ever!

Tags: Tips, lips, secrets, make up, beauty, fashion, fashion style, women, dry, fashion for men



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