The most common mistakes we make with our lipstick


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The lipstick is important for our beauty and it can easily have an effective result in our makeup. However, it can also ruin our appearance. Let’s look at the mistakes we often do with our lipstick.

No scrub

The lipstick doesn’t apply properly or it doesn’t stay as long as it should, if our lips are wild. So we should prepare our lips with special product or just using our toothbrush.

No hydrated lips


If our lips are hard and wild, our lipstick will give bad results. Do not forget to drink plenty of water and hydrate our lips with either a special product or a lipstick with moisturizers.

No outline

Lip pencil is needed for several reasons. First we shape this framework which allows us to put lipstick without departing from the limits of our lips. We can slightly increase the volume of our lips with proper implementation of it. Finally, the pencil helps the lipstick to last longer. But make sure its shade to be correct.

No right color

Our lipstick should match the colors of our face and hair, the clothes and the whole style you want to create. It would be good to experiment with colors, but also to ask the opinion of a professional beauty expert who will advise us once and then we can apply their instructions for ever.

Lipstick no suitable for our lips

Dark lipstick make lips look even thinner and vice versa. So we choose the shade that suits us and that is appropriate for the result we want to create.

Too much lip gloss


The lipgloss is lasts less and this has as a result our lipstick to leave also from our lips. Ideally, put little lipgloss in the center of the lips and spread gently over the entire surface for a short flash dose.

Not protect our teeth

When we put lipstick often our lips get stained and this is not an elegant image at all! To avoid this very common mistake, remove excess lipstick from the inside of our mouth kissing just a tissue.

Not renew our lipstick

The fact that we left the house with dazzling red lips, this does not mean that it will stay in our lips for the whole day. We should make sure to throw in our bag a lipstick of the same color or close to this, before we leave the house.

Tags: lipstick, mistakes, life, beauty, fashion, fashion style, women, fashion for men




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