5 super fashion trends for spring / summer 2016


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The absolute trends that we will love in the spring and summer of 2016 are so many and we will not know what to choose, but most importantly we can begin to wear them from now.

Among the fashion trends we found to be outstanding the maxi dresses, the skirts above waist and the unique crop top that we have still used during the winter. It is sure that this summer we will have our shoulders revealed and the neckline will be a little bolder.

Open shirts and dresses at the top you see the ‘Spring and Summer of 2016. Already, many big fashion houses such as the house of Chloe, have launched dresses and top with a daring neckline that give us endless opportunities to experiment and try.

Impressive transparent clothes we will wear also the Spring and Summer that will highlight our femininity. The house of Chloe proposes fabulous dresses with breathtaking slides at the top reminding us that the dress is synonymous with femininity especially when it comes to transparency.

Our favorite crop top, that we wore throughout the winter, we will not divest in the new season. The Dior house presented unique crop top that creates chic combinations with skirts, trousers and shorts of the new season.

The super skirts above waist that flatter all body types and highlight femininity, will be very worn next season and the house Dior cared to understand this well with its latest show. This season you can wear the new trend in many different ways!

The shoulders will be out in the new season for very romantic occasions that will impress with the blessings of the house Oscar de la Renta and this is a trend that is perfect for your night out.

Tags: trends, summer 2016, fashion




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