Combine your white shirt with 10 different ways (Photos)

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On the day you open your closet and looking for a cloth which can be easily combined with your more of your clothes and accessories, you have but to take a look on hangers with your white shirts.

An easy to wear, and absolutely timeless elegant cloth piece can be worn both with your favorite pair of jeans, and with your midi pencil skirts or your pants. Choose a white shirt in baggy or more narrow line and wear through the sweater or your jackets or combine it with printed jackets, leather jackets or classic trench coats.

Add, then, in your dressing room, if you have not already done so long, the piece that can accentuate your every look and get inspired 10 stylish impressions to wear it any time of day.

The easiest way to combine your white shirt is to wear it with jeans and a fashionable pair of shoes.

Wear it with your oversized sweater, black pants and boots in the same color.

Sleek, stylish and comfortable look for every moment of the day.

Combine it with your suede skirt and a pair of elegant shoes.

Have the most stylish, total white look.

Choose a shirt on a loose line and combine it with ballerinas and boyfriend jeans.

You can wear a long white shirt through your woolen dress.

You can easily create a modern and comfortable set.

You can combine it with modern maxi skirt and a pair of ankle boots or sports.


Ideal combination both for your rides, and for the office.

Tags: shirt, combinations, clothes, accessories

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