Britney Spears talks about Bieber and becomes the cover of V Magazine

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In January 1999, Britney Spears released her debut album titled «… Baby One More Time» which made her famous and changed the pop music scene. Later that year released the first issue of V Magazine. Seventeen years on, they try a joint venture with Spears to be photographed for the cover of the magazine in its 100th issue.

The appearance of the singer on the cover marks the evolution of the magazine over the years. Initially, the editor Stephen Gan had a very specific aspect in mind and sought to express the new generation of fashion people and later had the same aspirations and the music, which led him to proceed to the selection of Britney for the anniversary issue magazine. “When we were looking for themes that fit centimeter cover, we wondered who is the pop star and is admired by musicians who are representative of the V? There was only one answer: Britney! Who in the world grew up listening to the music? ”

Spears in an interview speaks about the upcoming album, which has been delayed for release. “Honestly, I’m very curious about this album,” she says. “It’s my baby and I really want to do right, to do exactly as I want, whether it takes another year or two months. Right now I have no idea but I know that the path I have chosen is the right one. It is the best I have done long ago. I am proud of the work. It is something different and certainly not what you expect. No hurry for anything, I just want to be right so really be appreciated by my fans.”

Also refers to Justin Bieber whom she supports: “People judge very quickly whoever is at the forefront … There are many young people who experience this, such as Justin Bieber. Unfortunately, it is the way the world works. I do this for 20 years, no longer paying attention. I have a good relationship with God and myself and that’s what counts for me. I do not care what people will say. ”

The anniversary edition released on March 8.

Tags: Britney, Bieber, magazine



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