Drew Barrymore: Why does she sleep with eyeliner in her eyes?



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One of the must-do of our daily routine is cleansing! Even if you had a tiring and long day or you return late at home, you should remove the dirt or makeup from your skin. This is the secret or at least one of the secrets of a beautiful and healthy skin.

And while all that we know for some time, Drew Barrymore comes to change this action, revealing that she just before going to bed, instead of removing makeup, she uses … the reason that she does this will surely surprise you!

In an interview with Allure magazine, the star of the blockbuster Charlie’s Angels, said: “After the nightly care of my skin, just before sleep, I make a line in my outer corner of the lower lashes with a soft black pencil- usually I use the Flower That’s So Kohl (to remind you that this belongs to her own beauty line Flower Beauty.)»



She continues: “It sounds a little crazy, but I wake up with a perfect, smudgy eye makeup and it is like I have done smokey eyes. I get up, do nothing and I get compliments on my makeup. ”

Of course, Drew is not the only one that has revealed that she sleeping with makeup products! Kim Kardashian in the past has also revealed: “When I get bored a lot and I can not get up with makeup for the next day, I sleep with the makeup!”

We know very well and many makeup artists also suggest to clean our face from makeup at night before going for sleep, but there are celebrities as the above that come to shake down the myth.. We have explained in the past why you should not sleep with makeup , but it is your choice what to do with your face!

Tags: Drew Barrymore, eyeliner, eyes, night




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