Heidi Klum: Why is the most important model for all fashion designers?



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Years after the premiere of the fantasies of men, years after assuming the leadership of the women, Heidi Klum, the chancellor of modeling, is not like throwing speed.

Her photos at the covers of the Sports Illustrated established her, her role as a television matriarch in Project Runway gave tremendous visibility afforded by the TV, the Victoria Secret highly paid her in order to “exploit” her curves and her business activities still bring revenue and leader in fashion.

The magazine Galore asked her about the secret to her success and these are some of the her confessions.

I am shy.
I do not like to find myself in crowded or speaking publicly. When people ask me something then I say ‘A, no’ !. I do not like to hear my voice. ”

The visibility
emerged from the TV. I had no problem with my body, my public image, to live half naked. But when I need to talk I stress, suffocate, shawls fills my mouth. ”

I do not care
that I do not speak English so well, my vocabulary is not very extensive but what the fans expect from me, especially now that I am a judge on America’s Got Talent, is to be myself. ”

I am cooperative
but before I do something with others I care to have a vision, an idea. After I explain them. I’m the one who is placed and exposed, so I am the person who must answer, not those, to whom rather explain when I’m more than demanding. ”

I have been rejected.
Many times . When I came to America to make a career I had a big chest, a big smile. I was old enough to know that what is to be done will be done. “If they appreciate me, it’s fine ‘I was thinking. ‘If not, too.’ Unfortunately today the girls start modeling when they are very young. ”

“I have a secret of my success.
I’m very particular, always focus on the moment and what I should do in the day. Many people want some time to relax between what they should do in the day. I am not so. Even when I’m home contrive something with trouble. ”

“Do you know where I find peace?
In the bathroom. I can not wait to go to the bathroom. There just leave quietly. ”

“Rihanna is super hot.
Very sexy, I love her. Miley Cyrus also causes. Everyone has something to say about this, but she is a real artist and therefore I appreciate her. I like people who do not listen to what they are told, who formulate their own path. The girls who are determined. ”
The girls who will grow up to become women. Like her. (Miley)

Tags: model, success, confessions




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