This is the stylist of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner! (Photos)

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She is called Monica Rose and is the person who is behind the elegant and impressive performances of the two top models.

The beautiful brunette stylist is the person thanks to her magic of aesthetics has turned the diptych Jenner – Hadid in absolute fashion icons. Apart from the two models, Monica Rose works with the Kardashian family since 2007. Since then she saw her customer base to grow rapidly. Furthermore, she has recently released her own line of jewelry in collaboration with Sarah Chloe which has received worldwide recognition. The range consists of all those parts that one woman regardless of age needs to complete the sleek look.

«To create casual appearances are different, but I enjoy it because I can focus on the personality every customer. It is more than an appearance on the red carpet. I work according to instinct and something of music at that time, but it is certainly a very creative collaboration with each customer individually. I want to everything to be perfect but my own time like the result shows unpretentious and not looks perfect, ” Monica Rose said in a recent interview.

She had declared in the past that she gets inspired by the people she sees on the streets, movies, magazines, clothing and whatever catches her eye.

She also recognizes  Kim Kardashian as her muse, as she finds her open-minded and willing to take fashion risks. For Monica, Kim’s style is her greatest styling accomplishment.

Her favorite piece in her closet is her high-waisted leopard harem pants from H&M, feeling obsession with them..

Her favorite shopping destinations include Pasadena Rose Bowl, Robertson is always a one stop shop for me, H&M, andShop Bop, Revolve clothing, TOPSHOP online.

Her best advice for someone who looks for getting into wardrobe style is patience. The amount of work that is needed to be a successful styling is long hours, a lot of physical work, and working against the clock always.

Her favorite aspect of her job is making her client feel beautiful and confident in any style them in, but her least favourite is the early calls times, as she is not a morning person.

The qualities that she look for in an assistant stylist are to be hard working, willing to commit to long days and can keep her organised. On the other hand, she hates if this person is not honest with her and cannot deal if this person complains a lot and has excuses for everything.


Tags: Monica, stylist, Kardashian, Gigi

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