14 signs that you have very style!


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The style is not something determined. But there are 14 signs that indicate that you’ve style.

  1. Your mom hates your clothes. Honestly, it would be worrying if the opposite happened.
  2. Buying a good outfit you can at once think of at least three alternative ways to wear it. Otherwise, you will not invest in this purchase.
  3. Your boyfriend often says that he doesn’t like what you wear and you’re smiling and be happy because you know that is not tight and black.
  4. You can walk into the worst store and find the one and only thing that worth. Besides this means insight style.
  5. You laugh for the dos and don’ts of fashion. It is nor for you.
  6. You don’t literally follow the fashion trends, because you know what your style is and what makes you flatter. You don’t make unnecessary combinations. Sometimes you feel like the only woman who hasn’t ever wear gray nail polish.
  7. When you do something sudden and extreme as a change in your hair, it tends to work for you always in a positive way. #NoRegrets. Always you are ready to support your choice.
  8. Your friends call you every season to clear up their wardrobe, choose what to keep and what not, and help them also to make new combinations like as they bought new clothes.
  9. People always want to know where you bought that you wear. And they get surprised with a brand like H&M or Zara, because they always expect your clothes to be more expensive.
  10. When you ask your friends to choose their clothes for a circumstance, always the result is impressive.
  11. You would prefer the pain than having a bad appearance. Here we remember the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “These shoes caused pain to my feet, but I love them”.
  12. Do you have a photographic memory memorising combinations that you see in magazines and on the street and you can very easily get ideas.
  13. Your friends, send their photos from the fitting of stores in order to get your opinion on this purchase. Then there are waiting, anxiously for your reply.
  14. You follow fashion and know at any time and moment what the global site sell and you have the ability to spot clothes “treasures” at stores in other countries.

Tags: Stylistic, Mistakes, style, fashion, fashion style, women clothing, fashion for men



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