Chic with style even in the age of 50! The 13 “golden” stylish rules by Diana’s stylist


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Anna Harvey has spent all her life in fashion. She was the stylist of the Princess Diana, is well known in the fashion industry and of course she was in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

However, even the woman who contributed to making Diana one of the women with enormous influence on fashion, she admits for herself when she reaches the age of 50 she should review her style and make some basic changes so continue to appear stylish.

“I think at 72 I will not wear short skirts and high boots, but this does not mean that my 50 and will part with my bikini or leggings to the gym,” Anna says.

The basic rules of Diana’s stylist for perfect style after 50 are:

You should get perfect familiarity with your body

As we age, our metabolism changes and our body does not remain forever the same. You should familiarity with your image, look yourself at the mirror and realize that even if some parts of your body were not as before, this can’t prevent you from looking pretty when you go out.

Keep the jewelry for the days you do not feel confident


Have you eaten a little more and you don’t feel good with your body today? Anna says that this time is the best to put this beautiful pair of earrings that there is no way someone not to notice or your perfect colorful necklace. This will draw the attention, but will hide your secret.

You should prefer dresses with sleeves


As the big problem for many women is their hands, a dress with sleeves, or a minimalist cardigan over is the best option to feel comfortable wherever you go.

Yes to colors, No to black

Avoid wearing black or white during the whole day. Say yes to brown, caramel, soft blue and burgundy. So will you look more dazzling and younger.

When you are in doubt wear tunic or kimono

When you are not sure about the application of one of your clothes in your back or abdomen, then a kimono will show that your clothe is single and does not stuck at some point of your body.

Panty-girdle helps

It can’t be the most feminine, but the underwear until the navel will be your best friend, as you will see how the application of your clothes better is. Especially if you wear a dress or skirt (or respectively a blouse with neckline), an underwear like this is what you will need.

Skirt to the knee


The skirt that is the most suitable from any other skirt at this age. It is up to the knee and is wrinkled or a wide belt in the belly. If it also has a small tear, it would be even better.

No dresses that sag belly


As the tight dresses are a little forbidden at this age, you must watch out how the application of the dress you buy over you. Say yes to the wrap dress that is tight to the chest and is more open at down and pay more attention to the fabric and the point V on the chest.

Yes you can wear this biker jacket that you like

Prefer to wear this jacket or the leather jacket that you like it over a dress or skirt, rather than a pair of jeans. Your jeans could be showed super with an oversized jacket. However, Harvey proposes not neglect the jacket/coat, as is the first impression that you create on others when you go out.

Beware of skinny jeans


Skinny jeans doesn’t hide the belly and not lift the hips. So if you want a more “safe” jeans, then do not forget that jeans above the waist bell and with bell bottoms make your legs look more longer and camouflages the belly area.

Make this test to check if your jacket applies correctly on your body

Whenever you try a jacket, bring your arms forward and check if the jacket is properly applied to the hands and back. If sleeves don’t shrivel or the jacket isn’t too tight in your waist, then yes this is the right for you.

Glossy stockings make legs look fatter


The matte stockings make legs look thinner but the glossy stockings the opposite. It may stockings with prints to be fashionable, but the stylist suggest not to wear.



The easiest way to show older when you try to dress youthful. Just do not do it. If every time you dress ask yourself … it makes me show young, then you do not know what a stylish appearance really means.

Tags: Chic, stylish rules, Stylistic, Mistakes, style, fashion, fashion style, women clothing, fashion for men




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