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In order to be successful in our workplace we must take also our appearance. Clothes, shoes and small but essential accessories.

Starting from the selection of a partner as well the working environment, the appearance is the first element that attracts people’s attention. If we want to win the best impression in our work, we must take care not only our professional skills but also our outfit.

“Those who believe that professional attire means boring and rigid look, in shades of gray and beige, are rather anachronistic”, business consultants support.

Initially we should each of us find and accept our style. Looking at us in the mirror we see the strong and weak points of the face and our body image. This helps us partly. However, we go now to learn the secrets of the professional dress.

The accessories


The professional colors may are blue for women and gray for men, however, because usually most of people look us at the face and neck, a tie, a scarf or jewelry will give a big advantage to the initial impression we send out. A usual gray suit, for example, will “shine” with a pink scarf and show us more relaxed. Of particular importance and ancillary accessories we choose, such as handbag, sunglasses, jewelry, hat, umbrella, etc. Keeping a monochrome display can with these items to change completely style, and create a morning, afternoon or and nightly stylish appearance

The shoes



Both women and men should give the proper attention to our shoes which can only be clean and tidy. The shoes reflect our personality, our preferences and our style, but can show also details of our character, as if we are diligent, meticulous or lazy.


Another important element of our appearance are our hands, especially the nails. Short or long, should be clean and have beautiful, sophisticated shape.

In many professional areas, such as courts, banks or other organizations, there is rigor in dressing or any outfit usual. In most offices, however, many display styles are permitted. Feel free to play with the color, but everything in moderation. The combinations of many colors are not appropriate. If you do not have absolute familiarity with the combinations, the result can be funny.

Try putting jeans, which combined with a good blouse or a shirt can be a beautiful appearance, suitable for office.

YES in fashion trend but always maintaining our style. There is nothing more beautiful than the simple, without excesses.

NO to extremes (very short skirt, very tight clothes, shiny, very bright colors or multicolor).

-Make your wardrobe with classic pieces of each type, depending on the season eg trench coat, coat, jacket, skirts, pants, shirts in classic colors and a variety of accessories for changes.

NOT many shoes. Get basic colors (black, brown, blue, tan) which match all combinations

-Choose color combinations that withstand hours in the office and traveling.

NO Clothes with big signs of designers.

NO Clothes with huge diamonds, flowers, wide stripes or other bright decorative element, at least for the office, unless your job has a lot of imagination or lonely.

YES in cleanliness and meticulous appearance. Even the most expensive suit with an oil loses its value. As the most expensive tie, if it is not tied correctly or it is wrinkled, it creates a bad impression.

The women, it is advisable to avoid the «men style» in their professional appearance. The tight suits can be combined with a colored band, a large brooch or a nice shawl.

Your outfit should be suitable for the workplace, your age, body type and the occasion. In an interview for a job, check out the company’s culture, in a meeting with a customer, dressed like that. Do not wear sports shoes in the bank, do not wear pants pied for an insurance company, avoid the tuxedo in advertising agency and say no to the provocative clothes all day.

The sweaters and sweatshirts are acceptable for a casual wear.

Be careful with the costume jewelry, as they can can embellish or destroy your appearance.

In our daily lives we don’t feel every day beautiful. Get some clothes and accessories for these difficult days, when your belly is swollen from malnutrition when your hair does not shine, when stress made you get some extra pounds. These clothes will help you these difficult days.

The hair must not hide our face. Renew haircut and color when it should be done. Do not often and easily change your hair style. Find one that suits you and adopt it as longer as you can.

Be careful also your makeup to be distinctive.

Tags: secrets, dress, style, fashion, fashion style, women clothing, fashion for men




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